Amazing Findings That Prove Abraham’s Existence

By: Katherine Abraham

By: Katherine Abraham

Abraham was known as the “father of all nations”. His story is one fascinating depiction of God’s promises. But was his life real or just a myth?

Abraham's Life

Abraham’s obedience to God was like no other. Even if it meant sacrificing his only beloved son, he was willing to do this if it meant following God’s will.

He was a man who trusted God implicitly although he didn’t know what tomorrow might bring.

Originally, his name was Abram. The Lord greatly delighted in him and made him the “father of all nations”, renaming him Abraham.

The Almighty blessed Abraham. He became the father of the patriarchy and two major world religions. He was the first monotheist from a population who believed in numerous gods.

Facts About Abraham's Existence

The Bible says that his hometown was a place called Ur. This is found in modern Baghdad and is known as Ur Kaśdim.

Cuneiform tablets found in the excavations of the royal palace in Mari uphold similar writings found in the book of Genesis.

Also discovered in these ancient documents is proof of Abraham’s practices. The cuneiform text mentions customs and traditions like those of the patriarch, such as the slaughter of an animal when a covenant was made.

How astonishing it is! Such findings prove that these biblical stories are true.

A Lesson from Abraham's Life

God is also capable of changing our lives completely.

The worst can be made better. And the better can be the best if we allow Him to reign in our lives. Abraham’s life may not have been all sunshine or rainbows. But he knew that through the tests and trials that came his way, he always had God to turn to.

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