2 Bible Characters Highlighting The Importance Of Decision Making

By: Katherine Abraham

By: Katherine Abraham

Regret, suffering and consequences are the end result. Don’t be a victim of losing your chance of a successful life. Contemplate the importance of decision making before making your final choice. 

Every adult should have the ability to exercise moral freedom, freedom of choice. Our choices affect the quality of our lives. Success or failure usually depend on the choices we make in life. And the importance of decision making is something we can’t underestimate.

What Is Decision Making in Reality?

importance of decision making

J.R. Rim once said about decision making, “It is not about making the right choice, but making a choice and making it right.” 

That’s a great explanation. It’s a process that requires prowess and an innate ability of discernment. But since the outcome of a resolution is unpredictable, we should first consider the importance of decision making.

Different Perspectives on Making Decisions


Psychology: The cognitive process of selecting between several arrays of options. It is the process of resolving an argument between right and wrong. Thus, the importance of decision making goes here.

Hinduism: Dharma, a cosmic law that guides everything in the universe. A conviction that everyone has a free will to choose to follow certain rules in order to live morally and resist temptation.

Christianity: God has a purpose for everyone. All have a free will to choose whether or not to trust in Him, but faith in God will help guide them in making right choices and decisions in life.

Importance of Decision Making in Life

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Decisiveness plays a vital role in reaching our goals. We can’t neglect the importance of decision making in the process. There are numerous choices to be made in life. Sometimes there is a tendency to make a decision out of urgency or despair and this can result in ruin. The sad fact is, we have to live with the results before we realize our mistakes. It’s when we realize that we ignore the importance of decision making. As we strive towards a successful life, remember it is critical to make the right judgment call. That’s why it’s a must for us to recognize the importance of decision making.

We should watch out how the importance of decision making can leave a lasting impact on anyone. 

Consider the following impacts of making poor choices on oneself or others:

  • A wounded spirit
  • Loss of self integrity
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Family disputes
  • Mental and psychological problems
  • Health problems
  • Failure to reach goals
  • Compromises lives in the short or long term
  • Shattered lives
  • Death!

The importance of decision making cannot be denied or undermined.

Avoid Making Bad Decisions

wrong way

Surely no one wants to live with regret. And we can’t abandon the importance of decision making!
Check out these helpful tips: 

  • Seek direction from God if you think it’s too complicated.
  • Consider the opinions of others but trust your final decision.
  • Never make a hasty resolution that will jeopardize your integrity.
  • Contemplate the final judgment.
  • Think and rethink the possible outcomes of your choices.
  • Stand firm, once decided, regardless of potential consequences.
  • Make a contingency plan in case your option fails.

Decision Making and Samson and Delilah’s Love Story


Samson was so infatuated with Delilah that he rejected his parents’ teachings and pleadings. They had dedicated him as a Nazarite, or consecrated one, to serve God wholeheartedly all his life. But his gaze was distracted by earthly beauty and he neglected his sacred duties. He was blinded by love; she by wealth. Thus, he forgot about the importance of decision making when he followed his heart. It’s the moment that he didn’t use his critical thinking skills wisely. Samson was the strongest man of the day. Those in authority felt threatened and wished for his ruin. They saw an opportunity lay in the hands of Delilah. Blinded by money and prestige, she did all she could to find out the source of her man’s strength and eventually succeeded. Samson trusted her implicitly and forgot the source of his power was God. He couldn’t see where his decisions were leading—to his own downfall. 

Who hasn’t heard the expression, “Love never fails”? Yet, Samson’s love for Delilah misled him to betrayal. Samson hastily responded to Delilah’s pleadings and when tempted he grabbed his chances without careful discernment. Although Samson knew God’s plan for him, he used his free will to make choices. He take no notice of the importance of decision making. Samson went his own way and let emotion topple his sensibility for truth. He let himself drink and swim in the pool of enchanted love. When his end finally came it was too late for regret.

Lessons from Samson and Delilah’s Love Story

This love story, with its twists and turns, is a sad tale of betrayal and suffering. But it is more than just a tale. Samson’s experience teaches us not to belittle the importance of decision making. There are takeaway principles to learn:

  1. Our fickle minds, like that of Samson’s, occasionally lead us into wrong circumstances. We tend to break promises for selfish motives. Learn to stand on our commitments.
  1. Draw closer to God in times of difficulty rather than distancing ourselves. Having total dependence on our own discernment, like Samson, results in weak judgment. When things get too complicated we should humble ourselves before God and always remember His promise of redemption. 
  1. Falling in love is something practically everyone will experience. There is a certain period when it’s considered perfect timing, comparable to a flower we may want to pick although it’s not yet fully in bloom. And when we get blind, we forget to think critically. There are consequences if we don’t take the importance of decision making seriously. If we let our emotions rule, we will fall short of the right judgment. Avoid making instant decisions, based on feelings. Remember, the brain is higher than the heart.
  1. Making a decision based on emotion will have a shaky foundation. The resultant erroneous outcome may cause regret. Use both mind and heart in the decision-making process and don’t let our feelings outweigh common sense. True wisdom is firm. Thus, the importance of decision making should not be taken lightly.
  1. Human companions may turn against us, but God will never desert us. Samson’s mistakes remind us not to be overconfident. Don’t forget, there is a strong possibility that others will influence us. We need to ask, in humility, for divine power to lead us through the process.

Decision Making in David and Bathsheba’s Love Story


One evening as King David was looking out over the city from his balcony he spied Bathsheba, who was bathing. He desired and sent for her, and their forbidden love story began. Worse was to come when she fell pregnant. Bathsheba was the wife of Uriah, one of the king’s brave soldiers. To cover up his sinful act, David called for Uriah to take a break from the battle (the country being at war). But the soldier couldn’t paint a picture of him relaxing at home with his wife while his men were fighting, and so he spent the night in the palace barracks instead. With guilt and fury, the king’s sin multiplied with tragic results. He hatched a plan resulting in Uriah’s death, and then took Bathsheba to be his wife. Tragically, the baby died as a consequence of the king’s great sin.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. The story of David reveals how he visibly violated the sacred illustration of true love. David made a choice out of his emotion and lustful desire for Bathsheba. David overlooked the importance of decision making when He didn’t ask the Lord’s counsel. He only wanted to do his way. He just wanted to follow his heart.

David was renowned as a man after God’s own heart, yet he abused his authority. Upon seeing Bathsheba’s irresistible beauty, he fell helplessly into deception. He failed to protect his position and integrity as the king of Jerusalem. By his own choice, David freely allowed himself to become engulfed in temptation. He never acknowledged God when it comes to the importance of decision making. He knew Bathsheba was married to Uriah, and yet knowingly rejected the truth and his duty as king, let alone that of a godly man. David was an adulterer, who arranged the murder of an innocent man and then perjured himself before God. In an attempt to cover up the truth he fabricated events and greatly displeased God. 

Choice Lessons from David and Bathsheba’s Love Story

God selected David, a humble shepherd, to become the ruler of his people. His integrity, love of wisdom, justice and strong character qualified him to carry out God’s high purposes. What caused his downfall? It was his willful disobedience that led him to disregard the importance of decision making.

David ignored the rules of his faith, failed to use his judgment and made hasty decisions. The good thing, however, is that he came to his senses and fathomed his wrongdoings. David regretted the outcome of his abrupt decisions but still had to suffer the consequences.  He humbled himself before God, asked for forgiveness and took heed to correct his ways. From there, he realized that the importance of decision making should never be neglected.

David and Bathsheba Today

stat increase

In the most recent global data on marriage, 20-40% end in divorce due to infidelity. Is this not an illustration of man’s failure to grasp the importance of decision making? Indeed, hasty decisions often lead to an unsuccessful marriage.

Judgment must be made with certainty when entering into the sacredness of married life. And the importance of decision making plays a vital role in marriage. We must be committed to our spouse and not allow others to meddle in the relationship. The temptation to indulge in forbidden love like that between David and Bathsheba can happen to anyone. If we encounter seduction always use integrity and make the right choice.

Truth hurts but the fact is that infidelity is a common problem today. Many marriages end in failure and children can suffer more than their parents. The daunting truth is that many fail to regard the significance of making the right choice. Be careful not to make the same mistake. Therefore, the importance of decision making when it comes to marriage shall be treated with high regard!

The Relevance of David's Choices

What happened to David provides valuable moral lessons in life. Can we relate to his experience? Certainly yes! Consider the following instances:

  1. The mistakes David made are typical of the iniquities that can be committed today. We may become over assertive when given authority over others and abuse the power entrusted to us.
  1. We should not distance ourselves from God in the middle of a difficult situation. Instead pray for guidance.
  1. Do not let temptation enter the home. Commit ourselves to the sanctity of the marriage vows and protect relationships.
  1. Do not let disobedience harden the heart; enlighten the mind with truth.
  1. Lustful desire for physical, temporary beauty will lead to ruin. We have eyes to appreciate beauty but lust is another issue. Accept what must be corrected and don’t let emotions hide the truth.
  1. Discontentment makes us self-seeking. Don’t allow temptations to allure us. Willful disobedience of God’s law for selfish motives can lead to broken relationships and families.
  1. Like David, we have a tendency to make hasty decisions without careful thinking. We fail to consider the inevitable future outcome of our choices.
  1. If we find ourselves in a challenging situation, frequent common practice is to fabricate truth in order to save face. It should not be so, but lying became a natural human tendency.

How to Improve Decision Making

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Now we know the importance of decision making, let’s make it a point to do better. Here are some vital tips for discernment:

  • Seek confidence from God. Success is attainable through divine power rather than through human ability or strength alone. Because God promised to be with us wherever we go, we can have confidence that He will answer us when we call.
  • Avoid overconfidence. God’s meekness is the ultimate example. Bear in mind that trust in God means we can place our confidence in Him.
  • Discern the best possible choice. Ask God for heavenly wisdom; it will lead us to make a correct, acceptable and perfect judgment.
  • Try to figure out problems from a different perspective or angle. Careful study of the available choices is essential. Reminder: There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.
  • Stop overthinking. Remember, anything is possible if we use our insight to change our mindset, considering what may be at stake—life or destruction.
  • Spend time to reflect on our mistakes. Learn from them and grow in maturity. Life’s greatest lessons may be learnt at the most critical point of making a wrong choice. The righteous fall seven times and rise again, but the wicked stumble in times of adversity.
  • Shun making a decision if you feel emotional. God reminds us not to be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer let Him know your heart’s desire and be at peace. His wisdom surpasses all understanding and guards our hearts and minds.
  • Consider others’ opinions. God tells us that without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed. Prepare a contingency plan. God has a plan to prosper us, giving hope and a future.

Timeless Lessons from Stories of Betrayal and Infidelity


Our decisions impact lives either for good or ill. Let’s learn the lessons from Samson’s betrayal and David’s infidelity. Failure to recognize the importance of decision making has caused the downfall of many. Samson died full of regret. King David instigated a death and ruined a relationship.

The bottom line is the reality that decision making is vital for a happy life. Whether we like it or not, our life’s choices will result in success or failure. The complexity of good judgment depends on our ability to make considered decisions, with wisdom and discernment. And don’t give up, no matter how many times we fail, but keep striving for success.

The outcome of a decision may be uncertain.  In all honesty, sometimes there is no right or wrong way.  Nevertheless, it is important to make a habit of thinking carefully before making a choice. The right course of action may ultimately lead to overwhelming joy and success. The wrong course may lead to destruction. Both are significant.

Making a good decision may not be easy. But remember, “Success is never ending and failure is never final.”

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