The King Solomon Story Was Real – Here’s The Proof

By: Katherine Abraham

By: Katherine Abraham

The wisdom bestowed on King Solomon by God was the reason for the success of building the temple that God desired. Is it true that King David and his son, King Solomon, ever lived? The King Solomon story is real.

Many believe that their story is just a tale but there are stone inscriptions that prove their existence.

The Legendary King Solomon Story

king solomon story

Solomon was of tender age when he asked God for wisdom. When children are asked what they would like, most request material things or gains, but this king asked for something different. The wisdom that God granted Solomon enabled him to make sound decisions during his rule over the kingdom. Many have learned from his example and continue to learn from his literary works found in the Bible. King Solomon’s writings are full of practical knowledge and wisdom.

History Discovered on Inscribed Stones

Archeological excavations from 1993 onwards, led to the discovery of inscribed stone tablets. These inscriptions tell how King Hazael’s father, Hadad II, won a battle against David’s house. Carbon-14 dating confirmed that these tablets date back to the 9th century B.C. 

Scientists also discovered several microscopic flecks of gold which they believe could have come from the house of a wealthy person, or temple. The evidence points to a time when King David and his son, King Solomon, lived. In addition, these inscription

Inspiration from King Solomon

The life of King Solomon was remarkable. He did everything he could to maintain peace with the surrounding kingdoms. Although he failed on many occasions his story, as recorded in the Bible, is an inspiration to people of all ages.

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