Never Lose Hope – How to Do It When You’re Falling Apart

By: Katherine Abraham

By: Katherine Abraham

“Never lose hope! Never lose hope!”

Why should we never lose hope?

We hear this cliché very often, especially in trying times.

Imagine a mother with a stubborn child. How can she continue to believe in her child’s transformation? The best advice is, never lose hope. Yes, just never lose hope.

Is absolute freedom attainable even behind prison bars? How can one have peace of mind in such a struggle? Again, never lose hope!

Simple yet powerful. It always works reminding ourselves to never lose hope.

In this series, we will learn to understand the power of hope. Never lose hope.

Just How Powerful Is Hope?

Never Lose Hope

Hope is not merely wishful thinking. It is a positive state of mind believing that there is a way out of any unfortunate situation.

Fascinating! But how could a simple four-letter word turn the tide of unfortunate events? 

It unleashes slumbering human strengths beyond its limits. Hope crosses the boundary of science and miracle. The unfolding of events can hardly fathom the human mind.

Hope bridges human suffering into success, sickness, and healing. It also transforms life mistakes into lifelong lessons. Trials into blessings. Criminals into evangelists. Sinners into saints. Yes, hope is the primary driving force behind a person’s complete change of life.

Hope offsets humanity’s frailties and imperfections. It bestows endless chances to change the person for the better.

When coupled with faith, hope becomes a powerful force. It destroys the carnally motivated sufferings.

Mistakes in Life Need Not Be the End of It

Mistakes in life

There was a young man who grew in an upright and God-fearing family. Unfortunately, his father passed away too soon. This led the young man emotionally and spiritually unstable.

He grew rebellious and found himself in a gang of criminals.

Despite the young man’s sinful life, his mother’s faith keeps getting more assertive. She clung to high hopes for her son’s conversion. With constant prayer, the mother’s hope keeps reviving.

Her prayers were answered! The young man started to remember her Godly upbringing. While fleeing from the crime of murder, he found the Bible his mother gave him. The book miraculously survived even if he had once thrown it to the sea.

As he recognized his mother’s handwriting on the note dedicated to him, he began to open the Bible and read it. He studied and meditated upon the truth in the Word of God. On the process, he found freedom and peace even behind bars. The prison cell became the witness for the man’s conversion.

His tragic life was saved by his mother’s undying hope and faith. The young man’s conversion was made possible through newfound hope.

Why Should I Never Lose Hope?

Sad woman by the window

Losing hope is like losing the will to live. Physical, mental, and emotional pains torment us day and night. Unfortunately, others resolve to give up and live a life of misery and hopelessness.

Sometimes we can’t help to wish in the wind. If only we could have supernatural powers to make things all right in an instant. 

But yes! There is that power in us! Once life’s adversities put us on edge, “Never lose hope” activates the mind’s innate power.

Hope Gains Everything

Woman full of hope

Hopelessness forfeits everything. It deprives improvement, blocks every opportunity, invites misery, and buries character.

When challenges are met with hope, everything is possible. Hope improves our character; it fine-tunes our thinking and enhances our actions. Hope negates life’s excuses and insecurities.

The transformation unleashes the greatness and righteousness inside us. We are no longer outcast, wounded, lonely, and afraid but confident and overcoming one!

Parent's Motivation for Rearing Value-Oriented Children

Happy children and parents

Despite her excitement, a pregnant mother still worries. She thinks about the immense responsibility of child-rearing. This is why some mothers opt to terminate pregnancy out of hopelessness and fear.

In India, parenting is centered on values. The duty to parents and children was of the highest regard. But the challenge of “societal influence” and “modernization” has always bothered traditional parents. Yes, it’s a challenge that children may drift away from their childhood teachings.

Whatever religion it is, everyone is united on value-centered parenting belief. The fast-changing world’s continuous challenge has led parents to cling to hope. They long that traditional values will always be instilled in children’s hearts.

There Are Always Second Chances in Life Called Tomorrow

Hope for tomorrow

The very nature of man is vulnerable to mistakes since no human is perfect in all ways. This vulnerability is often exploited in such a way that sinning is justified.

Christians believe that the lust of the flesh and eyes and the pride of life are critical reasons for human destruction. Every human mistake has its corresponding penalty or consequence, which Hinduism calls Karma.

When faced with the consequences of mistakes, hopelessness traps someone into deep regret and complete isolation. Hope negates the effect of Karma in character, although not from the penalty.

Hope resets our minds when we commit ourselves to a complete turn around from our failed state.

Interestingly, hope refreshes the things we learned and brings forth enthusiasm while we restart our lives.

It Is the Only Way Out

Sad man praying

Ideally, the best way out of addiction is never getting in. If you don’t want to indulge yourself with any vice, never try one.

Unfortunately, despite parental advice and eye-opening reminders, carnal curiosity becomes powerful enough to ignore indulgence hazards. For Christians and Jews, the same interest Adam and Eve once had expelled them from paradise.

Losing hope in your struggle against drugs, alcohol, smoking, and other activities is like being trapped in a dungeon where escape is almost impossible.

It takes no less than the power of a divine God to get free from addiction. To begin with, it just takes a mustard seed of faith and a Ray of Hope.

It Moulds and Develops Character

Man full of hope

Going through rough times is a catalyst that changes life for the better. As we contemplate our directionless lives, we pause in those moments of hopelessness and intense feelings of being lost.

If you were in this state, what would you do? Do you begin to ponder how you were able to get up? Or, do you celebrate the victory instead?

The highlights of success are the lessons learned from how we respond to failures and struggles. Were it not for hope, all our efforts would be in vain.

Hope enables someone to work harder in order to seek improvement in life.

Hope exists so that life’s “unexcused excuses” won’t badge in; it eliminates excuses. When we want something in life, we do it with passion, dedication and self-discipline.

As we progress with our achievements, so do our characters. When we learn from our mistakes, so our attitude improves.

It Reconnects Broken Relationships

lasting relationship

The seemingly never-ending conflicts have resulted in negative resolutions: divorce, broken family, infidelity, sibling rivalry and lost friends, to name but a few.

It seems that love becomes a casualty.

Hope is a bridge that reconnects and restores broken relationships. Many people choose to forget their unfortunate past, but some swallow their pride in order to mend broken relationships.

Hope travels with time to heal the wounds of our broken relationships.

It Unites Differences

team work

In a world where people have so many differences, fostering relationships becomes impossible.

Unity and equality become rare commodities. Their absence becomes strikingly evident when egotism and a superiority complex govern a nation. The result is racism, supremacy and pride.

Good thing there is still a majority whose faith in humanity has not perished. When disaster strikes, anywhere in the world, people set aside their differences to help each other.

Whatever the differences in humanity, hope sets aside arrogance. The call for united solidarity becomes louder. Hope is an adhesive that unites diversity and variety to form harmony among all people.

The Ultimate Hope - Faith in Divine Power!

child praying

Many people wonder why God allows us to suffer, even when our hope and faith in Him remains intact. No measure of character refinement or a hopeful mindset is immune to mistakes and failures.

No religious belief promises a perfect and unscathed life on earth. Even gods and goddesses in their perfect deities have challenges with humanity. The Christians’ Jesus suffered at the hands of the people He longed to save.

The truth is, ultimate hope can only be found in faith in God. The only answer to the imperfections in humanity is the power of the divine God.

Whatever your religion, hope in God and His ways is always the best answer to your struggles. God will give you several reasons to never lose hope.

Have you felt hopeless? Trust in God; for sure, you won’t be able to contain the excitement of sharing your experience of transformation.

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