Sabbath and Forgiveness – Find Out What These 2 Things Have In Common

By: Katherine Abraham

By: Katherine Abraham

Today’s episode is about the connection between the Sabbath, rest and forgiveness. All three are gifts from our Creator God.

God understands that the body and mind needs to take a break and rest every week. After six days of hectic work or school activities, it is beneficial to worship together and experience fellowship with other believers. 

Adventists believe that Saturday is the seventh day of the week to be kept holy. It is not Sunday that God sanctified, blessed and gave as a gift. Sabbath is celebrated every week from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset.

To be truly blessed in worshipping our Lord, we need to be reconciled with God and our fellow brethren in the church. The foot-washing ceremony demonstrates humility and forgiveness. It symbolizes the activity that Jesus initiated when He was here on earth.

The foot washing is then followed with the breaking and eating of bread (unleavened) and taking the wine (pure unfermented grape juice). These acts symbolize the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, when He died to save us from eternal death.

When we feel forgiven it is easier to forgive others too. God wants us to confess our sins and ask for forgiveness. He is always ready to hear us and to clean us from unrighteousness. Then, with God’s grace, we can also forgive those who have caused us harm.

Sabbath is a time to experience recreation with God. We worship Him through songs of praise. We meditate upon the Word of God and share our faith experiences. These are all perfect aspects of worship.

Keeping the Sabbath as a day of rest is one key to relieving the body from stress and burn-out. If we seek to do the will of God and choose to keep the Sabbath, heaven’s blessings will surely be poured out on us.

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