Sharing Faith: A Sick Child, an Angry Father, and a Faithful Missionary

By: Katherine Abraham

By: Katherine Abraham

A manifestation of a person’s faith will vary between people. But how does someone’s faith change a life and make others’ lives better?

A Life Changed by Faith

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Imagine giving up the kind of life you have. It would be great if it was for a better life. But what if you moved into a more challenging one?

Today’s episode is the story of a Hindu man who became a Christian. His name is Jovan Abraham. Because of his newfound faith he left the familiar behind; even his wealth and properties. He began to live in a totally new, simple way. He became a colporteur, visiting different villages and trying to sell Christian books wherever he went.

Bringing Hope and Preaching

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Jovan worked hard for his faith. Not everyone who heard his preaching accepted his beliefs but this did not stop him from sharing the good news. Although some mocked and refused to listen to him, many accepted his faith and were blessed. On one occasion his life was threatened when he attempted to pray for a sick girl. In spite of the danger, he was eager to allow God to touch this girl’s life through his prayer. Many lives were changed as a result of Jovan bringing hope to the hopeless. Jovan asked God to use him and, through prayer and profession of faith, tell others of God’s great love for them.

Lessons Learned from a Grandfather's Life

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Jovan Abraham, who consecrated his life to this mission, was the grandfather of Katherine Abraham. She too has been inspired to tell of God’s love to others by following her grandfather’s example. 

Faith can Bring Hope to Others

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Just like Jovan Abraham, we must share our faith with others. The road is not always easy and some will reject the truth, but there are still people who need to hear. Let it be our life’s aspiration to be a beacon of hope to someone because the Lord delights in those who serve Him and serve others too

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