This is How Flawed People Can Still Achieve Great Success

By: Katherine Abraham

By: Katherine Abraham

“To err is human” is something we have been hearing since our school days. But it never struck our mind until we experience something very humongous, something that drains you out completely. When you hit the rock bottom and you have absolutely no idea as to what you should ask even in your prayers, that’s exactly when you begin to contemplate and start pondering over the subject in great depths “Why aren’t things working out the way I want them to?”. One realizes he is trying too hard to seek control of everything around him and ends up having absolutely nothing working out in his favor. Isn’t it so human of us? We all want perfection, flawlessness in everything we do. We all want things to work out in a certain fashion or else we choose to discard the idea; little do we realize that ‘flaws’ are innate to us. Hence, everybody has their fair share of mistakes though we admit it or not. 

   I recently came across a beautiful quote and though the writer is anonymous to me but it had the caliber to move mountains inside me,” When you start accepting that you might be wrong, that’s exactly when you start being right”. It spokes volumes to me. We, as humans are bound to make mistakes, because ‘PERFECTION IS SYNONYMOUS TO GOD ONLY’ .

  BIBLE, the world’s most read, best-selling book of all times, is a rock-solid proof of the same. Currently it’s the only benchmark for the Christians and believers all around the globe. The irony is that a huge chunk of people is of the perception that the Bible is all about victorious heroes and their sinless lives, but, as a matter of fact, it’s a written record of how flaws are innate to us humans. People who lived thousands of years ago, irrespective of whether they are Christians, non-Christians, believers or not, they did sin and they did commit their own share of mistakes and faults. Let’s take three most spoken about and renowned characters of the bible to understand this further,’ Moses, David and Abraham’. As a believer, we all know how colossal was Moses’s contribution. He led Jews out of slavery in Egypt and led them to the God’s promised land. Jews till date celebrate this auspicious day in the form of ‘PASSOVER’. His unshakable faith in the Lord and how God chose him, gives him a special place in the history of the Bible. He was chosen by God himself for the revelation of the 10 commandments. He chose to leave all his riches and luxuries at once in order to obey and surrender to God’s will. But guess what, even he committed a sin by murdering an Egyptian. He also disobeyed the Lord by striking onto the rock. Another prominent example is King David, famous for his valor and courage, how a young shepherd boy was anointed by Samuel and was made a King. They say David had a heart for God, but does that mean he was no more a sinner? Nope, he still was. He did murder one of his own, Uriah in order to obtain a woman, Bathsheba and hence, committed adultery. Last but not the least, Abraham – the founding father of the Abrahamic Religions, CHRISTIANITY, JUDAISM AND ISLAM. Even he wasn’t saved from the clutches of sins. He lied that Sarah was his sister although she was his wife. For that matter, even Samson is a classic example too, he was warned several times by the God, yet he chose to turn a deaf ear, as a consequence, he was cheated upon. When one chooses to disobey the word of God, definitely, there’s bound to be an aftermath, yes, I have mentioned the word ‘CHOOSE’ because God has given us the ‘FREE -WILL’ to act upon.

  All the above-mentioned incidents are proof enough that even if you are the chosen one by God himself, you are still ought to sin and have flaws. Because as humans that’s our inherent nature. You just can’t separate ‘Sin from Humans’. None is perfect apart from The God Himself, hence, it is said,” Don’t judge others if you yourself aren’t perfect” and ‘PERFECT’ is a word restricted to GOD himself. Indeed, perfection is a myth to humans. Coming back to our characters, here’s the interesting part of it, even after all of these, yet, they received their redemption here on earth itself because God is Great. He loves us so much that even after being fully well aware of our being which is full of flaws, he wants us to be a part of His ‘Heavenly Kingdom’ and be saved from the outbreak of the devil and the hell.

The Bible is full of such parables, short stories, incidences, characters and each one of it has something different to offer us. God actually talks to us through the Holy Bible, the same verse would mean a particular thing to a person and it would mean something completely different to another person. Above all, He brought his only Son, down on earth and sacrificed Him for something that he didn’t even deserve so that we can live eternally. As Romans 3:23 aptly states that “We all have fallen short for His glory, indeed His love is incomparable and unmatchable, something that we humans would never be able to produce. We all do ugly things in our earthly lives, yet every time we lose our tracks, he brings us back on His path and forgives us and yes, I want to stress on the word ‘WE’ because we all being humans are on the same page. So, if you feel that you are not up to the mark, take a sigh of relief, none of us is.

  John 15:16 clearly states that “You did not choose me, but I chose you”. We have been saved by His grace. The least we are expected to do is acknowledge our flaws and yes, acknowledging is great but admitting is paramount. We are no different than each other, climbing our own Mt.Everest, chasing our own Hope’s with a belief in our hearts.

To conclude, it’s not a ‘RELIGION, it’s a RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD’, it’s a HOPE. 

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